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The current job market is very difficult for job seekers, but what many do not recognize is that it is also very tough on employers. No one relishes the decision to lay off staff. The time, energy, emotional impact and risk associated with a layoff or other discharge—not to mention the impact on morale and productivity of employees who remain with the company—is significant.

Hiring for open positions is also tougher, given staff who may already be juggling multiple priorities and the plethora of resumes that come in for open positions due to the larger-than-ever number of qualified individuals in the job market.

When it comes to finding talent, transitioning displaced employees and providing job search assistance to spouses of new hires, the Career Development Center is well-positioned to partner with you. Give us a call or click below to contact us via email.

Career Transition/Outplacement

Providing an outplacement benefit to displaced employees to help them become employed again quickly is a good decision for many reasons. CDC’s experienced and compassionate staff offer comprehensive, flexible programs at an affordable cost.

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Talent Acquisition

CDC offers a range of recruiting services to fit the needs of your organization. We will work with you to fully understand your organization and position requirements and actively source and network for each opening to identify top caliber candidates.

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Spousal Relocation

Providing spousal or partner relocation services is often a good inducement for a recruit or transferee. CDC can provide a full range of career counseling and job search services to assist a trailing spouse or partner of an employee that you are recruiting or transferring to the Pittsburgh region.

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Online Learning for Employees

Discover the benefits of online training. The CDC will work with you to deliver an ed2go online learning solution customized to support your organization's training needs.

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CDC also provides support to employers through on-site training and consultation to explore and explain the value and benefits of hiring individuals with these challenges. CDC has trained career counselors with backgrounds in therapy, allowing them to provide holistic support to individuals with mental health and autism.

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Career Fairs

CDC sponsors career fairs throughout Allegheny County to connect employers with candidates

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Networking Events

CDC networking events are a unique opportunity for employers to meet and mingle with CDC clients, alumni, volunteers, and other industry professionals in a friendly and relaxed environment.

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Have a number of positions for which you are hiring? Let the CDC help you by pre-screening candidates for further consideration.
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